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The Best Survey Sites 2019 That Pay Cash: $400+/Month

Getting the best survey sites that pay cash in 2019 can really be tricky but non the less it can only be without the right guidance. The post is strictly for you if you are looking for extra ways of earning money online but then even if you are Bill Gate’s heir and stuffs like these freaks you out, do me the favour of sharing it with those who are not as lucky as you are.

What is a paid survey?

To put it simply, a paid survey consists of answering several questions in return for a reward . Nothing complicated.

These surveys on the internet are designed to collect the opinions and testimonials of Internet users  especially for major brands. Whether for the launch of a new product, for an advertising campaign or to know the reactions of consumers, major brands such as Conforama, Ikea, Amazon, Coca-Cola, Renault and many others use these sites. surveys.

By playing the game and answering these questionnaires you will be entitled to rewards such as vouchers or simply money that will be transferred to your bank account . As you understand, the concept is interesting but I warn you right away: you will not be rich with this activity. No, you’re just going to make ends meet while having fun.

Some precautions:

Paid surveys sites on the internet are very numerous. I would even say that there are several hundred. So not to waste your time with some crappy sites, I give you some tips to avoid scams .

First of all, registrations are FREE . If you are asked to pay anything to start, it will be a 100% SCAM . On the best sites, you will never have to pay anything and you will never be asked for your CB numbers . Beware if you are offered big winnings. All sites offering you several tens of euros per survey will most likely be fraudulent. Do not be fooled by the greed. Better to earn small amounts regularly.

Problems and scams often encountered:

If there are hundreds of different sites, there are so many problems for users of non-recommended sites.

Many Internet users have never had their earnings validated despite properly completed surveys. It’s the most frequent case. For others, the account was simply closed without the site team providing any explanation. Finally, be aware that some sites will not send you any survey. You see, there are some scams and it is difficult to navigate but if you register on the sites I am talking about below, you will not have the slightest problem! I promise!

Some tips:

I advise you to register on all the sites I list down below to maximize your earnings . There are only a dozen sites that are true but they are the most reliable and you will be paid. After, nothing prevents you to go elsewhere but learn about reliability to not waste your time. I suggest you work regularly . The best is to answer surveys every day so as not to be overwhelmed. Take the surveys as a full-fledged job and you will see your jackpots grow. Finally, be honest by correctly completing your profile (name, age, address, family situation, job …) and responding conscientiously!

Nevertheless, be aware that not all Internet users are equal! Let me explain: according to your profile you will receive more or less polls and you will be more or less paid . A person who has a profile of the employee type with average purchasing power will be less interesting for the institutes than a manager in a large company with a high purchasing power.

You are free to lie on your profile and answer anything but you may be excluded if you are unmasked. Once again, it’s better to be careful and serious, but after all, it’s up to you!

How much does it cost?

Sometimes polls will only include 5 questions, sometimes much more and will require more time. You will understand that they do not report as much. Generally, the remuneration range is between 0.30 euro and 5 euro for a working time of approximately 15 minutes . You will see that often it’s close to one euro. By working one hour a day, you will earn between 150 and 250 euros per month and more if you are sponsoring. It is even possible to make more money with sponsorship than by answering questions.

Enough spoken, I give you now the list that you all expect: those sites 100% reliable and 100% effective.



The registration page of Yougov

YouGov is an excellent, completely reliable site that has been around for fifteen years. With YouGov, you will be paid to respond but also to sponsor since each godson will bring you 1 euro once he has answered 5 questionnaires. With YouGov, you can receive money but especially Kadeos tickets (25 euros or 50 euros). This is one of the sites I prefer and that brings me the most through sponsorship. To register: YouGov registration .


The MarketAgent registration page

Market Agent is one of the sites of this list that I prefer because it is easy to use and also because the payment threshold is only 2 euros . Know that the winnings are paid in 24 hours. You can have regular payments. In addition to your registration you will automatically 1.50 euros credited to your account without doing anything. You can do more sponsorship if you wish. Each godchild that you have recruited will earn you 1 euro more. With polls and surveys, it is possible to cash several tens of euros per month. To register: Registration Market Agent .


global test market
The Global Test Market registration page

Global Test Market is an international site present in 200 countries and working with the biggest brands in the world (Coca-Cola, Apple, Airbnb …). Already more than 7 million users around the world are connecting regularly for nice earnings. Each questionnaire will earn you an average of 1.50 euros. The payment threshold is set at 5 euros. You will be paid by PayPal but you can also have gift vouchers and also gifts to order directly on Global Test Market. More than ever, I finally recommend you to correctly fill your profile under penalty of exclusion . To register: Global Test Market Registration .


Gaddin’s registration page

This site is more complete because you can earn money by answering polls but also by reading emails, visiting partner sites, buying on the net and by sponsoring . This GPT (Get Paid To) is very popular since the sponsorship is rewarded up to 1 euro by godson. When your prize pool exceeds 20 euros you can be paid by bank transfer, PayPal or gift vouchers. Attention because it is possible to register only from France, Switzerland and Belgium only. To register: Gaddin Registration .


The registration page of i-Say

I-Say is also a reference with 98% of satisfied users . Ipsos I-Say has been on the web for about ten years and proposes another system of remuneration. These are good gifts that are sent to members. When you answer paid surveys you have points that you will redeem for these good gifts. Note that you must cross the threshold of 10 euros to ask for his vouchers. Ipsos I-Say sets up an interesting sponsorship system since each of your referrals will earn you 1 euro when he has completed his 1st questionnaire. To register: I-Say registration .


my opinion counts
The registration page of My Opinion Account

On My Opinion Counts, the polls report a little less money (0.75 to 1 euro on average) but what is good is that the threshold of payment is very low at 2.50 euros. You can have several payments in the month. But be careful when filling in your profile. It must be filled to the maximum otherwise you will not receive all the questionnaires which would be a pity. It is not uncommon to receive several daily polls! You can request vouchers from Amazon if you wish. Know finally that payments are sent via PayPal in 24 hours. To register: Register My Opinion Account .


Toluna’s registration page

Launched in 2000 and present in many countries, Toluna is a juggernaut in more ways than one. With several hundred thousand subscribers, Toluna offers product tests that you will then evaluate . Your account will be credited in points to be converted into cash or gifts at Intersport, Adidas, Auchan, Zalando, Decathlon or Ikea and Leclerc. 99% of people recommend Toluna for its reliability. In my case, I earn 30 euros per month but I do not spend too much time. Only people over 16 years old can participate. To register: Toluna registration .


my survey
The My Survey registration page

My-Survey has also been in existence for a good ten years and you have certainly already heard about it well. Here again, completed surveys yield you points that you can convert into gift certificates and cash. You will be paid as soon as you have exceeded the payment threshold of 10 euros. If you want money, you will have a Paypal payment. Please note that 95% of users are satisfied with My-Survey even if the sending frequency is random. To register: My-Survey registration .


GreenPanthera’s registration page

Present in many countries, this site has proven itself and deserves the 1st place . You can receive polls by email or make them directly on the site. GreenPanthera offers you 4 euros as soon as you are registered. Of course, this site is free and pays its members by PayPal or bank transfer. You have the opportunity to sponsor. Each time you have a new referral, you will receive 10% of his lifetime earnings. To register: GreenPanthera Registration .


The NiceQuest registration page

If you want to receive gifts of all kinds, NiceQuest is a site that I recommend . Here you will not have money or good gifts but only various gifts like phones, perfume, makeup and many other things. NiceQuest sends you the polls directly by email or on the mobile application. This site is recent and promising and the first users seem delighted. Note that you must be at least 18 years old to participate. To register: NiceQuest registration .


valued opinions

Old site since it is more than 10 years, Your Opinion is also a site that I recommend for its reliability. With your opinion, you will not have money but good gifts . You must have at least 20 euros in a pot to request a voucher. Note that only the inhabitants of France will be able to participate in the surveys. Unfortunately, it is not possible to sponsor on this site. To sponsor, choose another site. Otherwise, count on average 10 to 15 € per month if you are relatively active. To register: Register Your Opinion .


Mobrog is an opinion poll site
Mobrog’s registration page

Mobrog is an old site and not very revolutionary it’s true but it is part of the references. This international site pays up to € 3 for each completed opinion survey . Generally Mobrog will send you 2 surveys per week on average and you will therefore pay twenty euros monthly in the best case. Unfortunately, no sponsorship program is available. For payments, you can choose PayPal or Skrill. Know that payments are received instantly. To register: Registration Mobrog .


Panelia’s registration page

Offering campaigns more or less regularly, Panélia is a site that best rewards its panelists. It is not without reason that Panélia gets the score of 4.5 / 5 on the site NetBusinessRating. Nearly 90% of members are satisfied with both the remuneration and the seriousness of the payments . I strongly advise to fill the polls seriously because if you botch, Panélia will not hesitate to close your account. The least thing is to do what you are asked. To register: Registration Panélia .


Mingle’s registration page

Mingle integrates this ranking after positive tests. Mingle is an ordinary site open to residents of France, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain and Germany . All other countries will not be accepted. Mingle is reliable even though sending surveys is more than random. This is his only weak point. From the payment threshold of € 15, you will cash your money by bank transfer and even have the possibility to donate or receive vouchers. To register: Mingle registration .

So I’ve prepared this list that will save you from signing up anywhere and wasting your time. I will update the list if the opportunity arises but already you have something to do …


As you can see, paid surveys are a good way to make money on the internet if you register on the best sites. Earnings over 150 euros per month are easily achievable for Internet users working hard and regular. This list of the best sites will be updated if new opportunities arise.

Know that not only paid surveys to earn money on the net! I invite you to read the guide to the best paying sites  or the most effective remunerative applications I recently published.

And your opinions?

Have you ever tried some sites? You have been disappointed or satisfied? Feel free to post a comment to let us know.

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